Company History

  Wintriss Inspection Solutions, Ltd., a subsidiary of California-based Wintriss Engineering Corporation, develops and manufactures optical surface inspection systems using smart, CCD linescan cameras. Rapidly expanding and with a world-wide presence, Wintriss has installed over 1000 inspection systems in North America, Asia, and Europe. The company’s principal manufacturing facility is in the US. Product development and R&D are performed in San Diego, California.

  Wintriss employs a variety of sales channel partners/distributors covering both geographical and specialized industrial market segments. Sales and technical support offices are located in Taiwan, the U.S., China, Korea, Indonesia, India, Philippines, and Thailand.

  Having developed our first smart camera in 1994, Wintriss Engineering is a pioneer in embedding processing intelligence in cameras. We have created increasingly capable cameras with greater processing speed, higher resolution, and standout flexibility, specifically adapted for web and other types of surface inspection applications.

  Our design hallmark is a powerful field programmable gate array in the high-resolution camera, which hosts a real time image processing capability. Additional on-board processing using a general purpose CPU simplifies overall inspection system architecture, facilitates system scalability, enhances reliability, and significantly reduces system cost.

  Wintriss Inspection Solutions’ flagship product is the Web Ranger System, which employs the linear cameras in a network-based, distributed architecture. Our core competency is the in-depth understanding of optics and image processing. This expertise and our surface inspection experience enable the company to conceive and implement innovative designs to meet diverse customer requirements for surface inspection. Key patents in image processing and illumination technology are the basis for the exceptional defect detection capability of the Web Ranger System and Wintriss’ market leadership in the inspection of display films.

  Do you have a challenging surface inspection requirement? With sales and technical support located in Asia and North America, Wintriss responds instantly to meet customer requirements. We invite you to contact our professional staff for consultation on a solution tailored to satisfy your requirements.